The 2023 RDA IMPACT Performance Conference in April had a little bit of something for everybody. Nashville brought local entertainment and flavor, while this conference provided much-needed information. The conference was well-attended by manufacturers, sales reps, distributor owners, and more. Attendees not only gained industry insights and business information, but also received presentations on motivation, practical sales tactics, and more.

The mood was somber in the morning as we remembered Robert McKenzie, the Executive Director of the RDA. It was evident how many people in the room cared for him and greatly appreciated what he did for the organization. He will be greatly missed.

Our first session was led by Facilitating Consultant, Steve Zelechoski. Steve walked us through not only how to approach potential customers but also how we can expand value for existing customers. The sales tools and techniques provided were practical and could immediately be implemented. Our second session was presented by Ari Schonbrun. He told us his story of running late to work on a Tuesday in September, only to realize it may have saved his life when the World Trade Center was the target of a terrorist attack. Business speaker Gene Marks walked us through economic trends in 2023 and other changes that may affect businesses. This information will help RDA members plan for the future and set themselves up for success in 2023. The fourth and final speaker at RDA IMPACT was industry leader Frank Terlep, who spoke on market forces that are changing the automotive collision industry. Everything from driver habits and new vehicle technology to government regulation was covered.

The 2023 RDA IMPACT Performance Conference was a fantastic learning opportunity for anyone in attendance. Evercoat is a proud partner of the RDA, and we look forward to supporting them and their members in the future.