Collison and Classics was started in Gerald Condon’s car garage 35 years ago in Beaumont, Texas. Since then, Evercoat has been a valued partner as Collision and Classics has grown.

If you ever find yourself in South Texas, you would notice two things. The first is that everything truly is bigger in Texas! The second is that it is VERY hot. The weather in this part of the country demands collision repair products that work in extreme temperatures and humidity. Evercoat delivers a solution for just that.

Collision and Classics uses Evercoat’s Rage® Ultra Xtra, our premium body filler that requires the same amount of hardener, but enables longer working times, and a smoother workflow.

Collison Center Manager, Victor Gutierrez, “Rage Ultra Extra is a great product for us to use in Southeast Texas because of the heat, the humidity, and it gives you a great end result.” Evercoat Sales Manager, Brian Thibodeaux is proud to help Collison and Classics find the solutions they need to deliver the best repair possible.

Whether you work in hot conditions or want a little more working time, Rage Ultra Extra is the solution you are looking for.


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We’ve established ourselves on pride, craftsmanship, and quality of products. Using Evercoat has always helped us perform those goals.

Gerald Condon

Owner, President, Collision & Classics