When you want to become an expert pianist, you listen to Beethoven. If you want to become a Michelin star chef, you listen to Gordon Ramsay. And if you want to learn the tips and tricks for a perfect automotive body repair job, you listen to Tim McKinney. Now with his new podcast, Tech Tips presented by Evercoat, you can have the expert knowledge of Evercoat’s Senior Application Field Engineer wherever you are!

Since the beginning of his career with Evercoat nearly 18 years ago, Tim has been demonstrating his automotive repair expertise to not only his colleagues, but also to our loyal users through countless on-screen and in-person Evercoat product demonstrations! Now, he goes from in front of the camera to behind the microphone, diving deeper into detail about all the factors that go into making quality autobody repairs. From adapting to changes in weather, actively avoiding costly mistakes, or in-depth application advice on a range of products professionals use every day; Tim is producing episodes of his show every month to help answer your burning questions!

However, while the podcasting world is new for Evercoat, Tech Tips aren’t exactly new. For years, Tim has also been populating the Tech Tips page on Evercoat.com, updating it with informative content about Evercoat products and their use cases. Now, with the Tech Tips podcast, Tim is taking this concept to new heights with more in-depth episodes that can help even the most seasoned technicians with quality repairs.  

So, whether it’s the latest episode on your favorite earbuds, queued up for your next commute, or you’re looking for a show to binge, listen to the new podcast Tech Tips presented by Evercoat on PodBean, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, the Evercoat YouTube channel, or wherever you listen to podcasts.