Evercoat continues to be the most mentioned brand in professional body shops, according to Body Shop Business’ 2022 CRASH survey. 50% of body shops mentioned Evercoat when asked what body filler they use in their shop.

The Annual Crash Survey is conducted to discover more about the buying habits of body shops. More specifically where, how, and why they buy what they buy. As the leading brand in collision repair body filler and putty, Evercoat strives to innovate the repair process using the latest and greatest technologies.

 “Evercoat strives to be a leader in the industry by continuing to innovate with the end user in mind,” said Trey Armistead, Evercoat US Sales Director.

When body shops are choosing a body filler, the #1 factor in consideration is quality. Evercoat understands the importance of quality when producing our product. We always engineer our products with first in class formulas that work harder, so you don’t have to.

 If you could believe it, over HALF of body shops only use one brand of body filler. Evercoat recognizes this and continues to offer and develop solutions for every type of repair. We want to make sure that every car that comes through you bay can be completely fixed with an Evercoat product.

Evercoat values the annual Crash Survey and the insight it provides for us. This survey helps shape the way we evolve to better serve body shops, whether through new product development, training, or content based around best practices for our end users.