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Tacky Coat®
A water-based, protective booth coating that traps paint overspray, dust, dirt, lint and insects to keep them away from your valuable paint jobs. Biodegradable formula, environmentally safe. Easy to apply and remove. Will increase light reflection in the booth.
Car Cover Masking System
Exclusive NYLEX™ 1 mil. thick car covers are specially treated to reduce static and hold paint overspray. Dispense, cover and mask a vehicle in less than 5 minutes. Sealed on both ends, provides complete protection and coverage from the ground up. Stops overspray contamination on vehicle and surrounding vehicles. Impermeable to solvents. #396 Car Cover Dispenser Stand sold separately.
Plastic Sheeting
Cut-to-length, low-density polyethylene plastic sheet. Covers cars, trucks and SUVs quickly. Best used for painting or storage. Impermeable to dust and dirt, rustproofing materials, lacquer thinners and overspray. #396 Car Cover Dispenser Stand sold separately.
Evercling™ Sheeting
EverCling™ is a high-density polyethylene plastic sheeting that offers excellent cling properties without annoying static electricity that can attract dust. EverCling™ is "full web" Corona treated to provide superior overspray and paint adhesion. Packaged in an easy dispensing carton, allows unused plastic to stay clean and neat.
Polycoated Masking Paper
Blue premium polycoated masking paper resists bleed through. It is pliable, water resistant and cuts easily. Fits all standard masking machines.
Masking Paper - Green
Machine finish green masking paper makes masking jobs easier. Strong. Durable. Fits all standard masking machines.
Masking Paper - White
Machine finish white masking paper makes masking jobs easier. Strong. Durable. Fits all standard masking machines.
Seat Cover
Made of high-density polyethylene, the standardized design means excellent interior protection for all types of automotive seating. • Two-layer construction ensures seat covers stay in place Outside layer of seat cover is smooth so porters and technicians can slip in and out of vehicles easily. Inside layer of seat cover is formulated with a high-friction plastic so that it can grip itself into place on cloth, leather and carpet. This layer keeps the product in place for continued protection.• Standardized design protects bucket, bench and split seats.• Ideal for protecting the interior of the car during painting and repair.

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