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Maxim™ Plastic Repair
Multi-Fix Plastic Repair
Maxim™ Multi-Fix plastic repair is a two component epoxy repair material that provides speed, incredible strength and sandability. This fast setting epoxy simplifies the plastic repair process by eliminating substrate identification and adhesion promoter. Multi-Fix is ideal for fixing tears, nicks and gouges in plastic parts and other quick fix applications.
Super Fast Adhesive
MAXIM™ Super Fast Adhesive is a hybrid urethane that provides superior adhesion and flexibility for plastic repair needs. It can be used for multiple applications including bumper tabs, moldings, emblems, brackets and small plastic parts. The best choice when a "super fast" cure time is necessary. Sand and drill in 5 minutes.
Fast Urethane Adhesive
MAXIM™ Fast Urethane Adhesive is a urethane repair material used for non-structural repairs on all plastics, fiberglass and SMC. It is an excellent urethane adhesive for bonding bumper brackets, backing strips, broken SMC/fiberglass pieces and other broken plastic pieces. It is the ideal product when a fast cure time is required (i.e. backside of a two-sided repair.)
Medium Urethane Adhesive
MAXIM™ Medium Urethane Adhesive is a urethane repair material that provides incredible strength and sandability. Best used when a longer open time is required to complete the repair. This material is used for non-structural repairs on all plastics, fiberglass, and SMC.
Semi-Rigid Epoxy Adhesive
MAXIM™ Semi-Rigid Epoxy Adhesive is a two-component all-purpose repair epoxy. This epoxy can be used on most automotive plastics including thermoplastics and olefins. It is designed as a filler material for single-sided and double-sided repairs.
Panel Prep
MAXIM™ Panel Prep is a blend of citrus cleaners formulated to remove solvent and water based contaminants from plastic parts. This product is used in the cleaning process before applying Maxim™ Urethane Adhesives, Epoxies and Finishing Materials.
Adhesion Promoter
MAXIM™ Adhesion Promoter is a blend of resins formulated to create a chemical bond that will enhance the adhesion of plastic repair fillers and paint coatings to flexible and semi-rigid plastics. Adhesion Promoter is also an excellent tie-coat sealer applied to raw flexible and semi-rigid plastics including TPO and TPE.
Multi-Purpose Repair Panels
MAXIM™ Multi-Purpose Repair Panels have been developed to specifically to provide solutions to many challenging applications and uses. These repair panels can be used in a variety of applications that range from sound dampening materials to the automotive plastic repair process. Meets OEM specifications for GM, Ford, Daimler Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan and Honda.
Static Mixing Tips
MAXIM™ Static Mixing Tips are designed to be used with Evercoat's Maxim™ two-component products 812, 813,815, 816, 822, 823, 824, 885, 886 887, 898, 6813 and 6815.
SMC Panel Adhesive
The only polyester adhesive strong enough to bond small SMC panels. Repairs small areas on SMC or fiberglass surfaces. May be reinforced with fiberglass mat or cloth. Has superior moisture resistance and lasting strength. Blue cream hardener included.
SMC Fiberglass Resin
Superior adhesion to all types of SMC and fiberglass. SMC resin is a polyester-based resin used for repair of SMC and fiberglass panels and parts. More effective on SMC than conventional fiberglass-type resins. Formulated to use with fiberglass mat, cloth and tape. Waterproof and impact resistant. Working time of 20-30 minutes. Cures to a sandable surface much faster than regular fiberglasss resin. White cream hardener included. NOTE: Correct catalyzation and thorough mixing are necessary. Read directions on can thoroughly.

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