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Cut-In Clear
Ready-to-spray, 1k clearcoat engineered to provide 2k performance in an easy-to-use aerosol.
Guide Coat
Designed to expose low spots, surface imperfections, pinholes and other defects in primer surfacers, body fillers and glazing putties, packaged in a convenient "no-mess" aerosol.
Aerosol Primer
Premium high solid, high build, fast drying primer surfacer that quickly fills sand scratches with minimal shrinkage. Sands easily.
High Build Primer Surfacer
A premium, high-solids, 1k primer surfacer for quick repairs. It provides superior adhesion to steel, aluminum and rigid plastic parts.
Durable black coating designed to match OEM finish on trim, molding, door handles, mirrors, grilles, interior and other automotive parts. Availalbe in matte or satin finish.

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