Introducing a New
and Improved Metal Glaze Ultra

METAL GLAZE® ULTRA is the world’s best sanding polyester putty for use as a finishing coat over body filler, large panels, or small spot filling. The NEW & IMPROVED formula spreads easier and self-levels. Its unparalleled sanding qualities are a result of the patented ECORESIN™ technology that also helps reduce sandpaper use. 

  • Spreads smoothly and self-levels
  • Can be applied directly to sanded OEM paint for small repairs
  • Excellent adhesion to aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, SMC, fiberglass and silicon bronze welds
  • Passes 500 hour salt spray testing for corrosion protection (ASTM B117)
  • Contains patented ECORESIN technology
Metal Glaze Ultra

Available in:
16oz. Pouch (#100424)
30oz. Pumptainer (#100425)

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