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Direct to Metal Primer
Evercoat DTM Primer Surfacer is a two-component, urethane primer with excellent film-build and sands easily. It has excellent anti-corrosion properties and can be used on a variety of automotive substrates. DTM Primer Surfacer is easy to spray and levels to an almost texture-free surface. It mixes 4 to 1 with DTM Activator 102288. - Not Available in All Markets.
Direct to Metal Activator
DTM Primer Surfacer Activator is designed for use with Evercoat 102277 DTM Primer Surfacer, 2.1 VOC providing a thorough cross-link cure for maximum performance. Not Available in All Markets
Universal Zero VOC Reducer, Gallon
Part Number102296
Size3.78 LT
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Reducer used with Uro-Fill products