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Panel Bond-45, 200mL
Evercoat #6045 Panel Bond-45 is a two-component epoxy adhesive used for replacing various body panels. It can be used to bond SMC to SMC, metal to metal and SMC to metal. Panel Bond-45 has corrosion-inhibiting properties that eliminates the need for epoxy primer or self-etch primers. It is backed with a full lifetime warranty by Evercoat.
Universal Adhesive, 200mL
Evercoat #6101 Universal Adhesive is a two-component, general purpose urethane adhesive that provides speed, incredible strength and sandability. This fast setting adhesive is ideal for tab repairs, emblems and molding adhesive, as well as other quick-fix applications.
Plastic Repair - 1
Plastic Repair - 1 is a urethane that provides superior adhesion and flexibility for plastic repair needs. It can be used for multiple applications including bumper tabs, moldings, emblems, brackets and small plastic parts. The best choice when a "super fast" cure time is necessary. Sand and drill in 5 minutes.
Plastic Repair-5, 200mL
Evercoat #6105 Plastic Repair-5 is a two-component epoxy repair adhesive that provides speed, incredible strength and sandability. This fast setting epoxy simplifies the plastic repair process by eliminating substrate identification and adhesion promoter. Plastic Repair-5 is ideal for fixing tears, nicks and gouges in plastic parts and other quick fix applications.
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Size1 KT
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Permanently repair nicks, gouges and scratches in fiberglass hulls and decks. Blend coloring agents to achieve a match to almost any color. Repair material cures glass-hard in one hour. A special release film and no-run polyester gel makes a slick , no-sand finish quick and easy. Mix colors directly against hull or deck for a perfect match. Also repairs countertops, appliances, bathroom tubs and sinks. Complete kit contains colors, polyester gel coat paste, hardener, release film, mixing sticks, blending chart and instructions.
Part Number108001
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Used to remove dirt from paint
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Size2 OZ
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Fiberglass Repair kit