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Maxim Plastic Repair System Urethane Fast
Part Number100887
Size250 ML
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MAXIM™ Fast Urethane Adhesive is a urethane repair material used for non-structural repairs on all plastics, fiberglass and SMC. It is an excellent urethane adhesive for bonding bumper brackets, backing strips, broken SMC/fiberglass pieces and other broken plastic pieces. It is the ideal product when a fast cure time is required (i.e. backside of a two-sided repair.)
Maxim Plastic Repair System Semi Rigid
Part Number100891
Size1 CA
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MAXIM™ Semi-Rigid Epoxy Adhesive is a two-component all-purpose repair epoxy. This epoxy can be used on most automotive plastics including thermoplastics and olefins. It is designed as a filler material for single-sided and double-sided repairs.
Maxim Mutli-Fix Plastic Repair
Maxim™ Multi-Fix plastic repair is a two component epoxy repair material that provides speed, incredible strength and sandability. This fast setting epoxy simplifies the plastic repair process by eliminating substrate identification and adhesion promoter. Multi-Fix is ideal for fixing tears, nicks and gouges in plastic parts and other quick fix applications.